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Three Areas To Prepare For After Giving Birth

Its incredibly common for expectant moms to get so caught up in planning the perfect birth, that they forget the most important fact...

That you are not just giving birth. You are going to become a mother.

With that comes with some pretty significant mental and physical changes and challenges.

And you would be wise, by at least becoming aware of what you might experience. And having some sort of plan in place that will allow you prevent and deal with issues that can and will more than likely arise after the birth of your baby.

Seriously. Wouldn't you rather just sit, and stare, and cuddle your newborn baby, instead of spending mental energy trying to figure out what to eat, or who to ask for help?

So what should you plan and prepare for after baby arrives?

Below are 3 categories to help you get started in planning...

Support and Connection

No postpartum plan will be possible, without identifying your personal community members.

The correct support are those you are emotionally supportive of you. Those who will listen to your big feelings, without giving advice or judgement.

You need those who are willing to step in and care for you and the needs of your household.

Some questions to ask yourself are...

  1. Who can I trust to hold space for the big emotions that will occur?

  2. Who can show me unconditional love in the moment?

  3. Who can help with practical, physical support such as food prep, older sibling care, household chores, etc?


In order for you to get the rest you need after your baby is born, you are going to have to plan for it. Rest will not happen unless you plan for it.

Some questions to ask yourself are...

  1. How long of a dedicated rest time am I going to take?

  2. What personal responsibilities do I need to ask for help with to get the rest I need?

  3. Who am I going to ask for help, so I can rest?


Never underestimate the power of food. Food is not just physical medicine, but emotional medicine too.

Plan on eating food that is nourishing, and grounding in a time where you feel off balanced from the tremendous changes taking place.

But also plan for food YOU love.

Some questions to ask yourself are...

  1. What foods bring me joy?

  2. Do I need to set up or ask a friend to arrange a meal train?

  3. Do I need to prepare freezer meals ahead of time?

The blissful postpartum you deserve, will not just fall into your lap. You will have to plan and prepare for it.

Do you want to learn more on how to plan for a peaceful postpartum period?

I want moms to enter motherhood, whether its their first time or 5th, feeling confident and empowered. With a plan in place.

And I am hosting a virtual postpartum prep class, on Friday June 2nd, 2023, at 7:30 PM.

In the class we will discuss...

~ Traditional postpartum care and how to practically implement some of that care into your life postpartum.

~ How to ask help for in your village.

~ How to prepare a sacred bubble. A place where you can rest and bond with baby in a comforting environment.

~ Food planning and the importance of food after baby is born.

Plus so much more!

To book your spot in the class today, visit...

Or purchase a copy of the "A Nurtured Postpartum" course.

The booklet provides information on the physical and mental changes you may experience post-birth. And the accompanying worksheets will allow you to brainstorm and plan for your own unique postpartum experience.

To Get Your Copy Today, Visit...

As always, cheering you on!



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