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The Postpartum Shakes

Do you want to know what I really wished someone had warned me about before I gave birth the first time?

The insane amount of shivering that occurs within hours of giving birth.

Seriously. Why aren't women warned?

But never fear. Your postpartum doula is here. Letting you know that you will most likely experience shaking post birth.

But then again you may not. Every postpartum experience is different.

And as a side note, why is birth and postpartum so weird at times?

Back on topic...

It is very common for women to experience a shaking and shivering sensation after birthing their baby.

There are a few possible explanations on the phenomena.

  1. It can be a defense mechanism due to the sudden drop in body temperature that occurs post delivery.

  2. It can be due to the extreme fluid loss from sweating during labor, and the blood loss following the detachment of the placenta.

  3. It can be due to the body needing to release the stress hormones that were released during labor and delivery.

If you do begin to experience the shakes, let your medical team know right away. They will check your temperature to ensure no infection is present. As well as assess for any other potential complications.

If those are not present, asked to be wrapped in a warm blanket to comfort your body, and soothe your muscles.

Do not fight against the shivering. Relax and rest as much as you are able.

They shaking will pass. But not until your body is done doing its magnificent work of keeping you safe and helping you recover.

Are you unsure what else your body might experience in the days and weeks following birth? Checkout my easy to download and print postpartum planning book.

You will learn about all the possible physical and mental changes. Plus learn how to go through those changes with a plan in place.

As always cheering you on!


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