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My offering to you, is to come into your kitchen, and prepare meals that are specifically created with the postpartum mother in mind. Foods that are cooked with love. Foods that are warming to both body and soul. And deeply nourishing for a body that is recovering from the marathon of pregnancy and childbirth.


I offer to nurture your soul.  To hold space as you enter and navigate the big and often uncomfortable feelings that postpartum can bring.

Below are some ways I nurture a postpartum parent during a home visit.

~Nourishing meals cooked in your home. Including snacks and specialty beverages.

~Village building tools and planning

~Gentle guidance into your own innate mother wisdom

~Birth story processing

~Instruction on basic baby care, and breastfeeding at your request

~Washing dishes, running the vacuum, sweeping, laundry. Or any other light housework that gives you peace of mind to rest, recover, and bond with baby

~Setting up herbal and/or sitz baths

~Belly Binding and Self Massage Instruction

~Being available to hold baby while you rest, shower, or any other moment you need to care for yourself

Plus so much more!  



~Hours included in the package options can be used over multiple days, as you so choose.

~All package clients receive a 10% discount on any additional hours booked.

"The Nested"

~12 Hours of in home support, after the birth of your baby, to prepare meals, provide companionship, presence, and the ability to hold space for whatever the moment needs.

~ In- Home, Comprehensive Postpartum Preparation Session. 

~Welcome basket with belly binder, herbal bath mix, and other items curated for physical recovery.

~5 Meals, 3 snacks, 3 specialty drinks

~Text and phone support in between visits


"The Nested and Nurtured"

~24 Hours of in home support, after the birth of your baby, to prepare meals, provide companionship, presence, and the ability to hold space for whatever the moment needs.

~ In- Home, Comprehensive Postpartum Preparation Session.

~Welcome basket with belly binder, herbal bath mix, and other items curated for physical recovery.

~10 Meals, 5 snacks, 5 specialty drinks

~Text and phone support in between visits


"Just the Cooking"

Do you only need assistance in food prep after baby is born? This is the package option for YOU!

This package provides the service of the postpartum doula coming into your home to cook nourishing meals, designed for optimal postpartum recovery.

This is a customized package, and prices will vary. The price will reflect time spent cooking, the price of ingredients, and amount of food prepped.

Virtual Support Package

~Virtual, Comprehensive Postpartum Preparation Session, where we will discuss the basic,  fundamental and traditional needs of the mother during the first weeks postpartum. And brainstorm on how to get those needs met, and begin the process of thinking about your personal postpartum journey.

~Welcome basket with items designed to support your physical postpartum healing. Mailed to your home address.

~Recipes, meal plan with grocery list (12 meals, 6 snacks, 4 drinks)

~Once weekly Virtual Zoom Visits, for the first 6 weeks postpartum, to hold space for whatever the moment needs.


Other Service Options

Hourly Service

Do you need just a few hours of in-home support? 


You can hire me on an hourly basis.

You will receive the same deep, mother focused care as a package client. But you will customize how many hours you need.

NOTE: A minimum of two hours must be booked per in home support visit.

Food is NOT Included in this option.

$35 Per Hour

Click Here to Contact me About Hourly Service Options

1:1 Virtual Postpartum Preparation Session

Prepare for an empowered and positive postpartum experience!


Too often in our present society, women are entering the postpartum period, oblivious as to what to expect.


So much focus is put on the birth, that women often forget one very important piece of the puzzle. You are going to become a mother. Not just give birth.

This 1:1 session will cover topics such as...

~Sleep and resting strategies

~Boundary setting

~Village building tips

~Food planning

~Preparing your sacred baby bonding bubble


Includes a 60 minute interactive, education and information session, live via Zoom. Giving you the opportunity to ask all things postpartum. Plus, a digital copy of  the "A Nurtured Postpartum" booklet with interactive worksheets.


Closing of The Bones Ceremony

This Postpartum Closing Ceremony, also known as "Closing of the Bones" is a cross cultural ceremony used to close the mother physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Almost all traditional cultures have the deep seated knowledge that the new mother is left "open" and vulnerable, following childbirth. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. And to help the mother come back into herself, a special ceremony is performed at 4-6 weeks postpartum, to help with this process.


This is also a time to honor and reverence the newborn mother, and her new role.

$149 With Flowers, Ceremonial Hot Drink, Candles, and Incense

$109 for the Wrapping With Incense and Candles Only 

To learn about this special offering, visit the link below to read more.

Click This Link For Further Info on this Service

A Note About
In Home Postpartum Support Packages

Both in home postpartum support packages include the price of meals.


Exactly what foods you prefer to have served to you, will be discussed during the postpartum planning session. Whether that's a lunch, dinner, or breakfast recipe.  All recipes are designed using traditional women's wisdom, for optimal postpartum recovery.

Meals are cooked in your home. 

I do bring along the bulk of my prep tools. ( i.e. knives, peelers, mixers, etc.) A list of needed tools (i.e. oven, pans, etc.) will be provided before each visit.

If you prefer no meals prepared at your visits, let me know! I will gladly deduct the cost of food, and provide the energy, connection, presence, and the ability to hold space for what the mother baby dyad may be traversing that day.

Free Consultation

Are you ready to experience a positive and empowering postpartum?

I offer free consultations for anyone interested in hiring me.

Schedule yours today!

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Testimonials and Reviews

Kristina, Columbus County, NC

"The meals she lovingly made were nutritious and provided a sense of warmth and comfort while helping heal from labor and delivery. I could clearly see her care in her homemade meals. We are thankful for all Angel did for us as we started our new life with a newborn."

Postpartum Doula
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