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100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin Bengkung Style Belly Binder

Raw Edges

Handmade and Prepared With Much Love and Prayer


One size: 9 inches wide x 17 yards long (fits most frames)


Bengkung belly binding originates within Malayasia. It is the art of using a long strip of cloth to wrap a postpartum womans belly for physical support to the abdomen folllowing childbirth.


Benefits of belly binding include...

~Provides postural support for the organs as they return to their prepregnacy position

~Stabilizes loose ligaments

~Helps relieve lower back strain

~Constant pressure on the torso gives the feeling of a warm hug, boosting oxytocing levels, as well as grounding the nerous system


As noted above, this is a raw edge binder. The edges will fray some with wash. Simply trim any loose threads, and enjoy the beautiful character this strip of fabric gains over time.





Bengkung Belly Binder

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  • Small Size: 9 inches wide x 16 yards long

    Regular Size: 9 inches wide x 17 yards long

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