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The Power of Food on A Postpartum Body

What's one of the best things you can gift your freshly postpartum body?

Feeding it warm, soft foods.

Your digestive system in the first few weeks after birth will be slower as your body adjusts to its non pregnant state. And from naturally resting more.

Its important to optimize nutrient absorption. This helps your entire body recover from the marathon of pregnancy and birth. And to help establish a good milk supply, should you breastfeed.

Eating soft foods for the first few weeks will also help prevent constipation. You DO NOT want to be struggling to push a poop out, right after pushing a baby out.

Three general guidelines to keep in mind are...

1. Limit the first 2-3 weeks postpartum food to soups, stews, and well cooked meats and veggies.

2. Focus on packing as much nutrition into a meal or snack as possible. Include protein, healthy carbs, and as many vitamin rich foods as possible. Your body just created a HUMAN BEING. REFUEL IT.

3. Eat foods YOU find comforting. It does you no good to eat a food that most label "perfect for postpartum", if you don't enjoy. Eating food you love after your baby is born, might just be the big hug you need.

As always, cheering you on mama!

Pssttt... I have created a few recipes designed to optimally support a recovering postpartum body. Visit the shop to snag a digital copy of your own.


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