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The Lost Art of Postpartum Care

Postpartum care is not new. It has just become a lost art in our current culture.

For centuries, we lived in communal settings. In a “village” so to speak. A village with many ages and varying stages of life, living and working together.

This village allowed us to see other mothers in the trenches of postpartum, and motherhood. And to learn from experienced elders how to care for and nurture the new mother.

Traditions such as…

Rest- Complete rest was greatly encouraged. The village stepped up, did her work as needed, and made sure that she was able to rest.

Seclusion- She was often put in seclusion, only surrounded by the more aged women in her family. Allowing her to bond and develop a healthy breastfeeding relationship with her infant.

Warm, comforting foods- Special foods were prepared. Foods that were for a body readjusting to a non-pregnant state. Foods that were nourishing, and easy on a slowed digestive system.

Emotional Support- Above all, the new mother was emotionally supported. She was told by the more experienced mothers, “You are going to be okay. Because there are many behind you, that have walked this same path. And we are here for you”.

She was shown she mattered. That her recovery was important. For not only herself. But the health of her child. And ultimately for the good of the village.

It’s a sad truth we often do not have the village surrounding us today.

Modern, western culture has taken so much support and care for the new mother, and given it to the baby.

I do not believe it is wrong to put care and focus on the baby. But at the core, I believe the best person to care for the baby, is its parents. In particular the mother.

But in order for the mother to be whole and present for her child, after enduring the literal marathon of pregnancy and birth, she needs someone to care for her.

Its time to reclaim the power of the postpartum period.

To show our mothers that they matter. That they are worthy of care. And emotional support.

Mama, know this.

You are not alone.

You do not have to “grin and bear it”.

There is help out there.

Show yourself the same love you show your baby, and ask for the help, you so deserve.

You are worthy. You are loved. And all of us that have gone before, are here for you.

Cheering you on!


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