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The Journey to Becoming a Postpartum Doula

I want to share a story with you today...

There was once a young woman who was completely obsessed with all things birth. To the point she started down the path to become a birth doula.

She dreamed of having the perfect birth experience.

She knew the exact type of birth she wanted, down to the smallest details, before she became pregnant.

She became pregnant, and all through her pregnancy, the fire and passion for ensuring the perfect birth experience burned bright.

Her pregnancy went perfect. And she did end up having what most would call a perfect homebirth.

But guess what?

With all her planning and preparations for the perfect birth experience, she neglected one very important fact.

That she was not going to just give birth. But that she was going to become a mother.

In all of the planning and preparing for that amazing birth experience, she did not read one thing that that told her to plan for her own birth as a mother. For that time called postpartum.

No one told her what she would experience. Other than jokes on being tired.

And she genuinely thought that she would be able to just get up and carry on as if her body had not just grew and pushed out a whole entire human being. She believed life would carry on like usual. Just with a baby in tow.

But what she experienced, left her shell shocked.

From perineal pain, to constipation. To night sweats, and turbulent emotions.

She began to feel completely alone. Thinking that perhaps, what she was experiencing was not normal.

Until one day she shared her experiences in a personal blog post. And heard other women come out and say, "Me too. No one warned me".

Soon, a new fire began to grow within her. And she set out on a new journey.

A journey that lead her to learn all she could about the postpartum period. And to ultimatly become a postpartum doula.

Because the thought of another woman entering motherhood, completely unprepared for the physical and mental changes, was not happening on her watch.

I want moms to feel the power of a positive postpartum experience. (as I did with my second birth)

I want mothers to know what physical changes are normal. And what to do, or who to contact to help resolve any physical problems that arise.

For ignorance is not always bliss.

All mothers deserve to feel safe, loved, and deeply nurtured.

For that is how you gain the energy and mental capacity to be able to deeply bond and fall perfectly in love with your baby.

I want you to truly enjoy those sacred first weeks with your new baby.

To become the perfect mother for your baby.

If you desire to feel deeply nourished and cared for in the postpartum period, contact me today. For nourishing the new mothers body and spirit, is the very heartbeat of my services.


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