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Songs for Postpartum

You have probably put together a birth playlist. But what about a postpartum playlist?

Picture this...

Your baby is born.

You are home from the hospital or are recovering from a homebirth.

You are spending all the hours, just staring at that perfect little soul resting on your chest.

You can't stop sniffing their head.

And sweet songs are playing in the background.

That's postpartum magic folks.

Here are 10 songs to add to your postpartum playlist today.

  1. "I Get To Be the One", JJ Heller

  2. "My Sweet, My Lovely", Plumb

  3. "Wonderfully Made", Joel Ansett

  4. "I Get to Love You", Ruelle

  5. "Still Falling for You", Ellie Goulding

  6. "You'll Be in My Heart", Brent Morgan

  7. "You Mean the Whole Wide World to Me", Christina Perri

  8. "Baby Mine", The Hound+The Fox

  9. "This Is Just So Beautiful", Jenny and Tyler

  10. "Cecie's Lullaby", Steffany Gretzinger,


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