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On Boundary Setting and Asking For Help

It's incredibly important to set clear boundaries surrounding visitors and offers of help, BEFORE babies arrival.

But it is equally important to enlist help and accept help when it is offered.

Some new families are reluctant to accept help. It is incredibly common to not want people to physically enter their postpartum recovery space.

And guess what. THAT IS OKAY!

You as a new parent have every right to protect your sacred baby bubble. And YOU get to choose who enters said bubble.

But please. DO NOT sacrifice offered help, because you don't want to see others, or let others see you during a vulnerable time.

Here are two practical ways of setting a clear boundary of protection in your postpartum recovery space. But yet allowing those that are within your circle to support you.

Offers to Bring Food

Never say no to someone that offers to bring you food.

If someone offers to bring food, state your preference on whether or not you want them to come in and leave the food.

If you prefer not to have someone enter your home, let them know you are leaving a cooler beside the door, for the food to be left in.

Offers to Tidy Your Home

If someone offers to do some cleaning for you, decide whether or not you feel as if this is a boundary breach for you.

If someone coming into your house make you uncomfortable, consider leaving a bag or basket of dirty laundry outside the door. Also leave your preferred laundry soap. And ask if they can be helpful by taking it home to wash, dry, and fold. And have them return it and leave by the door.

Let your village be your village. Allow them to help if they offer. But of course, set clear boundaries on what is helpful and what is not.

Tell me. Do you have any creative ideas in allowing others to help, but still keeping your boundaries in place?

Cheering you on!


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