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It's Time to Prepare Our Mothers

Other than the occasional joke about being sleep deprived and having to wear a diaper just like their baby, women know very little as to what to expect in the weeks following birth.

And too often it leaves them feeling confused.


And wounded at the fact no one told them just how they would feel.

Its time for a revolution of sorts.

Our mothers need someone to explain to them exactly what they could face after birth. And how to care for themselves, and how to harness help from others in their circle.

They need to know...

~ That the single greatest hormone shift any human being can experience happens 3 days after birth. And that it will affect every emotion you experience.

~ That you will have a wound the size of an 8-10 inch dinner plate inside your uterus. And that it will bleed for weeks. And complete rest is what helps it to heal faster.

~ That your body just built an entire human being from scratch. Using up many of your body's vitamin and mineral stores. Leaving the mother depleted, and in need of replenishing those store with nutrient dense food, in or to prevent an array of physical and mental issues down the road.

~ That your brain is completely rewiring itself, in order to help you care for your baby. And this rewiring process takes time.

~ Your going to need deep, emotional care. In essence, you will feel the need to be mothered, in the same way you mother your baby.

It's why I am offering my typical "Comprehensive Postpartum Preparation Session" as an online, group class. In an effort to make it accessible to more women.

I want moms to enter motherhood, whether its their first time or 5th, feeling confident and empowered. With a plan in place.

In the class we will discuss...

~ Traditional postpartum care and how to practically implement some of that care into your life postpartum.

~ How and who to ask help for in your village.

~ How to prepare a sacred bubble. A place where you can rest and bond with baby in a comforting environment.

~ Food planning and the importance of food after baby is born.

Plus so much more!

To book your spot in the class today, visit...

As always, cheering you on mama!


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