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Creating A Mother Focused Registry

Have you ever wondered what you really need to add to a gift registry for baby's arrival?

Hint. It's definitely NOT another onesie.

Helpful items for YOUR transition to motherhood!

Tiny, cute baby clothes are great. And so much fun. But truth be told, your biggest need after baby is born will be rest, support, and community.

But, how does one ask for practical support in a registry. Because lets face it, you won't find any of the above listed at Target or Amazon.

As a mother focused postpartum doula, I want to aid you by offering practical ways to gather your village, to support you in those precious newborn days.

NOTE- In asking for non traditional gifts, you will need to use , or a similar site. These sites allow you to add in registered items from your favorite stores, and add in funding options for desired services.

Below are 4 ideas and methods to getting you the support you REALLY need after birth.

Meals- Wholesome, nourishing foods play an incredibly important role in postpartum recovery. For nine months, your body grows a human being. And during that time, your body uses up a good bit of your nutritional stores. And then after you are doing growing that baby, you give birth. Which is equivalent, and often more taxing than running a marathon.

Wholesome meals will help replenish those lost nutritional stores. Help you recover from the physical exertion of birth. And boost your milk supply, should you breastfeed.

Some practical ways to ask for meals are...


~ Ask for a freezer meal or snack to be brought to your baby shower, in lieu of a card

~Instead of a traditional baby shower, ask friends to come over in the weeks before baby's arrival and help you prep freezer meals

~If you are having a traditional baby shower, have several recipes printed out. Have them set out, and ask anyone that is willing to prepare it fresh and have it delivered to you after bay arrives

Cleaning services- Rest is imperative when recovering from pregnancy and birth. But many new moms struggle to allow complete rest rest when their space is untidy.

Practical way to ask for house cleaning services are...

~Choose from a preferred professional house cleaning service. And add either a cash fund for their services to your registry site. Or list a gift certificate option.

Healing Herbs- From bath mixes to teas, herbs can provide many benefits for new mothers during the postpartum period.

A practical way to get those herbs...

~Ask for a bulk herb store gift card

~Or simply list what herbs you want, and add them to the registry

Postpartum Doula- Postpartum doulas are professionals, trained in the art of caring for the unique needs of a new mother.

A postpartum doula provides emotional, physical and informational support to the new family through...

~Gentle guidance and encouraging your innate abilities as a mother.

~Birth story processing.

~Village building tools.

~Breastfeeding and newborn education.

~Providing physical support through practical methods of cooking, light housework, and watching baby so you can rest in a candlelit bath.

~Providing evidence based information, if asked for. Or supplying you with a list of referrals to other trusted professionals if the need arises.

Practical ways of asking for help in funding a doula...

~Add a doula fund option to your registry.

~Check to see if your preferred doula has a gift certificate option.

Lets start normalizing asking for practical help in the postpartum period. Ask your village to help support you in truly helpful ways.

Because a well loved and supported mama, is the best caretaker for her child.

Cheering you on!


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